ACR Panel

Use person-based cross-media exposure and attribution data in your campaigns.

Cross-media audience measurement

Verify ad performance per channel from a single source.

With our ACR panel sync technology, you can track individual TV, video and radio advertising exposure, and then link it with the user’s brand opinion, ad attention (surveys), store traffic (geo-tracking), and purchases (1st & 3rd party data).

Create a unique and much more rigorous dataset of TV and online cross-media advertising effectiveness and stay on top of your competition by optimizing your ad effectiveness and maximizing ROI.


Track your audience's cross-channel behavior.




Online Audio



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Media Rewards

Effortless Cross-Media Tools​

Audience Measurement app.

Our awarded audience measurement meter app, Media Rewards, overcomes any imaginable technological, geographical and behavioural barriers.

It is an all-day media measurement tool that operates through our user’s smartphone without impacting privacy, data plans or daily battery.

Ultimately enabling large person-based panels, at significantly lower user recruitment costs.

Optimize Cross-Media Campaigns
for TRUE Advertising Effectiveness

This is how they achieved it


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