Solutions for
Media Publishers

Use single-source measurement to accurately prove the incremental value of your channel, and increase market share.

Challenges for Media Publishers

Facing the challenge of proving to brands and agencies the true value of your medium’s audience base due to a lack of accurate and non-siloed cross-channel attribution data across your owned media.

Missing revenue opportunities due to the lack of insights into how consumers watch TV and listen to the ration vs. across other platforms and devices. 

Struggling to assure advertisers of reaching their cross-media target audiences amidst the fragmented and evolving media landscape and imprecise claimed exposure measurement.

Retaining audiences across all your media channels. Demonstrating audience engagement, building brand loyalty, and impacting sales in cross-media campaigns with audiences and their increasingly shorter attention spans.

The Missing Piece in MMM Analysis

Driving R&F + Brand Lift at a person level.

While MMM is a useful tool to set annual budget allocations it does not show buyers and planners an accurate picture of their cross-AV and OOH campaigns’ incremental Reach and Frequency, how they drive Brand Lift, and what effect they have on store absolute lift visitations vs. non-exposed audiences, at a person’s level and per demographic and social class breakdown.

Compare Apples with Apples

TRUE Single-Source™ to uncover your Channel's advertising potential.

  • Elevate your credibility as a media publisher by helping your clients with new-wave single-source ad effectiveness measurement software to uncover hidden Brand Lift and Retail Footfall visitation insights.
  • Use Beatgrid’s audience measurement analysis to better position your premium inventory and present accurate data-based arguments to attract your clients’ media investments.
  • Set yourself as a trailblazer among media owners for using the market’s most precise and privacy-safe TRUE Single-Source™ panel and meter apps to assess brand equity impact.

Grow the potential of your ad inventory

Show brands and agencies how to reach true advertising effectiveness.

  • With person-level and single-source incremental reach data, show the value of your media by demonstrating to agencies and brands where to find audiences exclusive to specific channels (Linear TV vs. Digital Video vs. OOH).
  • Present accurate frequency comparisons per channel and audience cohort to better position your media before agencies and advertisers.
  • Demonstrate the effectiveness of your media inventory in driving brand awareness and perception, addressing the challenge of proving the value of your media to advertisers.

Elevate Your Cross-Media Placements

Confirm their true effectiveness with BL + Retail Footfall measurement.

  • Understand the optimal flighting ratio by channel, and spot the incremental ROI of TV, CTV, YouTube, OOH, or radio sponsorships.
  • Accurately tie-up campaign R&F to Brand Lift to accurately measure the influence of your platform’s inventory on in-store visits with person’s level and Single-Source data.
  • Empower media buyers and planners with accurate data on how your media inventory drives true campaign and business outcomes, boosting their confidence in partnering with your platform.

Tailor-made solutions

Upgrade to accurate cross-media ad exposure data - no more claimed ad exposure.


Brand Lift Measurement


Retail Attribution Measurement

Prove your Platform’s Value with Accurate Advertising Effectiveness Measurement

Unlock ad effectiveness and R&F and footfall attribution inisghts, to guide better cross-channel inventory sales decisions for your clients.

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