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Case Study: Belong

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Belong uses deterministic cross-media audience measurement ACR data to understand incremental reach of BVOD vs. linear TV

Campaign Objectives

Beatgrid partnered with OMD on measuring Belong’s cross-media campaigns. The objective was to measure if extended reach could be realized with the same or at a lower budget.

Key Takeaways

Beatgrid results quantified the audience we are able to reach by changing our buying parameters to a 40+ audience.

Thanks to this, OMD was able to optimize their strategy to ultimately buy more efficient and cost effective TV spots.

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Beatgrid’s single-source cross-media audience measurement made it possible for OMD to measure and validate the different buying tactics across channels in different regions in Australia. 

The results were compared with the previous media strategy. The optimized channel strategy for the specific audience segment resulted in a few hundred thousand dollars in savings on the campaign.

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