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Having trouble measuring TV, CTV, YT and OOH advertising performance?

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audience measurement

Verify ad performance per channel from a single-source.

Cross-media user, TV, YouTube, BVOD, CTV advertising measurement software

Improve your TV ad targeting with ACR technology

Analyzing cross-platform content consumption will stop being an issue.

Audiences are exposed to multiple-screen and OOH advertising, making cross-media audience measurement an increasingly difficult task.

  • Employ advanced privacy-compliant Automatic Content Recognition technology for content filtration and customised ad targeting.
  • Use deterministic, person-level TV, CTV, YouTube, and radio audience measurement data from a single source.
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Close your cross-media measurement gaps

A Cookieless solution to optimize your TV and radio ads.

  • Understand cross-media campaign performance metrics and audience behavioral patterns to drive significant ad ROI on ad spend.
  • Switch to granular data to crack the cross-media audience attribution challenge.
  • Measure and quantify the holistic value of your cross-media investments.

Full cross-funnel solutions

Identify cross-media audience behavior throughout the entire customer journey.

Image of Beatgrid's top of the funnel solution TOFU, includes Reach and Frequency, as well as Ad Attribution and Creative Cut-through
Image of Beatgrid's middle of the funnel solution MOFU, includes cross-media awareness, cross-media consideration, cross-media favorability, and cross-media purchase Intent
Image of Beatgrid's bottom of the funnel solution BOFU, tracks cross-media retail footfall attribution by spotting in-store behavior
Image of Beatgrid's single-source full-funnel solution tackles cross-media reach & frequency, brand lift, and retail footfall attribution


Replace outdated claimed exposure with person-level deterministic cross-media ad exposure data.

R&F Beat

Cross-Media R&F
Incrementality Measurement

Brand Beat

Brand Lift Measurement

Footfall Beat

Retail Attribution Measurement

Next-generation independent audience measurement

Connect your campaigns with your viewers. 

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Easy custom analytics dashboard

Real-time holistic reporting of cross-media campaign data.

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Case studies

Follow their steps and optimize your cross-media investments.


Creating a single-source panel that provided mid-campaign reads and evaluates the halo impact of cross-campaign exposure in the UK.


Running an end-to-end BVOD campaign, and ultimately discovering highly relevant audiences that could be used for future campaigns.

Coles Supermarkets

Measuring the impact of cross-media channels on brand and footfall, to ultimately identify the optimal channels and creative mix.

Vevo & MINI

Setting up for deterministic cross-media R&F validation for TV, Vevo, and YouTube. For the study, Vevo’s key target audience was 18-34 years. 

What's trending in the industry

Blog articles, market hot-topics, webinars, podcast shows and events.

CTV advertising: How to manage incremental reach

The emergence of CTV has been the lightening rod in exposing the gaps in existing cross-media measurement methodologies, especially for TV, creating the need to have real data on the audience, and the potential to add CTV incremental reach to campaigns.

Footfall measurement for TV and cross-media advertising campaigns

In-store visitation uplift data is key for advertisers to measure campaign effectiveness in driving offline marketing outcomes, especially footfall attribution in retail.

TV audience measurement: How to optimize TV advertising campaigns

Optimizing quality reach is about  tracking the right TV audience across all sources of streamed media viewing, and that means tracking the ads and seamlessly de-duplicating the data.​

What's new at Beatgrid

Latest press releases and news articles about Beatgrid and its ecosystem.

A chat with Daniel Tjondronegoro, Co-Founder at cross-media audience measurement solution

Advertisers will finally be able to compare cross-channel advertising performance, allowing for better media planning and more accurate ad buys.

Beatgrid re-engineers its technology to meet new cross-platform audience measurement challenges

Beatgrid, today announces its new brand identity alongside an expansion of its offering with three new products to get the jump on the industry’s cookieless future.

Cross-media adtech platform Beatgrid onboards Brendon Cook and Matthew O’Grady

Beatgrid has emerged from stealth mode, adding to its Board of Directors former Nielsen Catalina Solutions CEO Matthew O’Grady and oOh! Media founder Brendon Cook.

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An award winning solution

Recognized as a cross-media measurement industry-leader.

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