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Cross-media audience measurement

Verify ad performance per channel from a TRUE single-source™.

Imprecise Ad Data Hindering Campaign Results?

Avoid Wasting Millions On Ineffective Media Investments.

  • Stop using claimed ad exposure data that relies on inaccurate data fusions and modeling to match individual people with media exposure.
  • Without a TRUE Single-Source™ solution there is always a painful lack of precision in cross-media R&F and Brand Lift metrics.

Accurately Measure Ad Effectiveness

Use a Cookieless TRUE Single-Source™ solution to tackle your cross-media gaps.

  • Switch to granular TRUE Single-Source™ data to crack the cross-media audience attribution challenge.
  • Measure and quantify the holistic value of your cross-media investments with deduplicated person-level TV, CTV, YouTube, OOH and radio ad data.

TRUE Single-Source™ solution

Measure reach & ad effectiveness on the same person across the entire customer journey.


Upgrade to accurate cross-media ad exposure data - no more claimed ad exposure.


Cross-Media R&F
Incrementality Measurement


Brand Lift Measurement


Retail Attribution Measurement

Ad Effectiveness measurement

Connect your campaigns with your viewers.

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