Cross-media R&F incrementality audience measurement analysis.​


New audiences by exclusively targeting CTV.


Incrementality with 18-34s CTV Audiences.


Incremental reach with OOH on your media mix.

Solve your media fragmentation challenges

Understand the optimal flighting ratio by channel, and spot the incremental ROI of TV, CTV, YouTube, or radio show sponsorships.


Determine incremental R&F per Campaign And Channel

Use TRUE Single-Sourceto understand the relationship and choices between TV, AV channels, and OOH, in driving incremental reach data across channels. 


Maximize Cross-Media Viewer Reach With On-Target R&F Analysis

Know exactly who has been exposed to your cross-media advertising campaigns Plan, buy, and implement TV, AV, and OOH media in a truly agnostic way to maximize campaign and commercial outcomes.


Compare Campaign R&F performance vs. Competition

Identify channels and cohorts of opportunity and outperform your competition, ensuring your advertising efforts are always optimized for maximum ad impact.

How it works

We have built out a high-quality, large-scale cross-media research panel to reflect the generic population or a specific target audience, including Age, Gender, and Region. Consumers are invited to participate and opt into one of our two apps: Media Rewards or Jagger. Once in the app, they can voluntarily opt in for additional data tracking, such as location, to measure OOH ad exposure and retail visitations. The panel is balanced relative to census data to ensure accuracy and minimize bias. Only users that have supplied data across the entire campaign period can participate in a brand lift study for your campaign.

Our meter apps Media Rewards and Jagger, are equipped with proprietary Audio Content Recognition (ACR) technology. App users can provide access to the microphone to passively match ambient sound with an extensive audio signature of an ads database to determine offline and online ad exposures at the individual level across various channels, including TV, CTV, (BVOD+AVOD), and YouTube. Through ad encoding, the “new cookie,” we differentiate ads for an accurate attribution by channel or platform.

Reach is calculated by mapping the panel’s distribution of demographics to the general population across multiple dimensions, including gender, age, region, and social class. The weight of the general population is then applied to the weight of demographics within the panel to determine the overall reach.

After applying a filter to the panel and the general population, we calculate the reach based on a selected subset. Absolute reach is then determined by multiplying the weighted reach by the size of the target audience.

Single-Source Reporting

Enjoy a user-friendly and holistic cross-media dashboard and optimize your campaigns.

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Optimize Cross-Media Campaigns
for TRUE Advertising Effectiveness


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