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Automatic Content Recognition

Profiling consumer tendencies with passive ACR technology.

How our ACR technology works

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Audio fingerprinting

The ACR software analyzes audio from TV, Radio or Internet streams to create an audio fingerprint from the content.

Data storage

Audio Fingerprints are then immediately stored on-device or in a cloud-based reference database.

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Data matching

Cross-media audio is captured using a device microphone and then compared to our database, facilitating content identification.

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Cross-media ACR technology

The future relies on privacy-safe single-source audio fingerprinting to map out your public audience’s cross-media behavior.​

Cookieless cross-media measurement

With our cookieless pioneering ACR technology-based software, you will be able to monitor how YouTube, CTV, BVOD, TV, radio and OOH ad campaigns are performing.

Our ACR technology will allow you to accurately understand cross-media audience insights, ultimately helping you in the development of your ad ROI strategies.

Built to perform

Track audience cross-channel behavior.

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Rapid audio recognition

~ 2 second audio recognition.
Perfected to perform the fastest Automatic Content Recognition.

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Extremely efficient

Industry’s best mobile ACR process, with ‘ZERO’ energy impact by Apple’s iOS standards.

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Always accurate

Pick up any sounds from any of the above channel with your smartphone. It even works in your pocket or with background noise.

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Success stories


Creating a single-source panel that provided mid-campaign reads and evaluates the halo impact of cross-campaign exposure in the UK.


Running an end-to-end BVOD campaign, and ultimately discovering highly relevant audiences that could be used for future campaigns.


Measuring BVOD and linear TV incremental reach and validating the various buying cross-channel tactics in the different regions of Australia.