ACR Technology

Based on 4+ years of R&D we developed the next generation of passive, mobile Automatic Content Recognition technology.

How our aCR Technology works

Audio Fingerprinting

The ACR software uses the smartphone microphone, from our double opt-in (app) panel to analyze the audio from TV, CTV, YouTube, or radio to create audio fingerprints.

Data Storage

Audio Fingerprints are then immediately stored on-device or in a cloud-based reference database.

Data matching

Cross-media audio is captured using a device microphone and then compared to our database, facilitating content identification.

Image of the Beatgrid cross media panel app explaining the Cross media ACR Technology

Passive Mobile ACR Technology

The future relies on privacy-safe single-source audio fingerprinting to map out your public audience’s cross-media behavior.​

Cookieless Cross-Media Measurement​

With our cookieless ACR technology solution, you can monitor how YouTube, CTV, BVOD, TV, radio, and OOH ad campaigns are performing, without depending on IP-matching-based solutions measure devices rather than individuals.

Beatgrid’s passive mobile ACR technology will allow you to accurately understand cross-media audience insights, ultimately allowing you to optimize your campaigns’ strategies for better ROI.

Image of the Beatgrid cross media panel app explaining the Cookieless CM Measurement Technology

Built to perform

Track audience cross-channel behavior.​

Rapid audio recognition​

Perfected to perform the fastest Automatic Content Recognition. Over-the-air content identification can occur within 1-2 seconds.

Extremely efficient​

Benchmarked as the industry’s most robust mobile ACR, with ‘ZERO’ energy impact by Apple iOS and Android standards.

Unparalleled accuracy​

Pick up any sound with ear-like precision with your smartphone. It even works in your pocket or with background noise.

Optimize Cross-Media Campaigns
for TRUE Advertising Effectiveness

This is how they achieved it


Image of the testimonial of Evros Agamemnonos, OMD UK-Insights Director, about Beatgrid single-source cross-platform measurement solution
Image of the testimonial of Nick Bauer, Starcom-Strategy Director, about Beatgrid cross media panel app audience measurement tools mentioning the footfall attribution - 2