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Footfall Beat

Cross-media to retail footfall attribution based on single-source and retail behavior data tracking.

Wondering how your ads affect store visitation?​

Select the attribution lookback window that better fits your campaign measurement, and determine the number of store trips made by both exposed and non-exposed users.

Photo of a man watching tv and being exposed to cross-media ACR technology

Measure retail footfall

With state-of-the-art geolocation technology you will be able to directly link offline & digital TV, radio, OOH ad exposure to the viewers’ retail behavior.

Customize the radius​

Pinpoint user retail data with geo-coordinates by implementing a custom location radius that can vary depending on the store type, the store size, and how the data is offered.

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Location accuracy

Compare your campaign’s footfall attribution across TV, CTV, radio, YouTube and OOH with high-tech geolocation software supporting up to 5m location radius accuracy.

How Footfall Beat works​

Panel research

With our passive measurement app, we can run state-of-the-art geolocation technology that will directly link offline & digital TV, Radio, OOH ad exposure to the user’s retail behavior.

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Icon of ACR Technology finger print

ACR Technology

Selected TV programs or movies are matched against the audio exposure of our opt-in panellist. We then audio fingerprint the entire content allowing us to link the cross-media panellist’s advertising exposure to the specific program or movie. This specific audio fingerprint matching process occurs retrospectively, or in near real-time when all content is available.

Measure retail footfall

After having chosen the desired attribution lookback window, we run to analyze the difference in-store visitation between exposed and non-exposed users, with regards to the selected campaign, flight, stream or channel.

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Single-source retail attribution​

Identify the impact of your ad campaigns on retail behavior.​

Image of the Beatgrid Dashboard showing the Footfall Beat Product with the Retail Footfall Attribution OOH

What our clients say

Looking for a cross-media footfall attribution product?​

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Success Stories

Coles Supermarkets

Measuring the impact of cross-media channels on brand and footfall, to ultimately identify the optimal channels and creative mix.


Creating a single-source panel that provided mid-campaign reads and evaluates the halo impact of cross-campaign exposure in the UK.

Cinema First

Designing a digital strategy to drive higher video engagement in premium content environments, and proving the incremental reach of CTV.

Footfall Beat, an award-winning product

Recognized as a cross-media measurement industry-leader.

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