Single-source measurement delivers person-level deterministic matches for cross-channel brand lift measurement.


Uplift in Brand Awareness on TV, CTV, and YouTube.


Consideration Uplift among 18 to 24s with OOH ads.


Purchase Intent Lift Exposed vs Non-exposed.

Relying On Claimed Ad Exposure?​​​

  • Single-source Cross-channel Verified Ad exposure.
  • The Gold Standard in determining Control vs. Exposed.
  • Privacy Future-Proof method.


A singular view of the consumer

A single-source brand measurement panel that deterministically and precisely captures exposures to TV, CTV, Video, and OOH.

Consumers fluidly switch between TV and video, and channel-level brand impact testing is often contaminated with other ad exposures, muting the overall effect observed.

BrandBeat passively tracks exposures to all video ads by channel and deterministically with our ACR-based mobile panel app and matches those personal-level ad exposures to brand lift survey responses.


Measure brand effect with more precision

A complete picture of campaign brand performance.

Most brand survey-based measurements lack precision as they are based primarily on ‘opportunity-to-see’ measurement.

With BrandBeat and our TRUE Single-Source panel, you leverage person-level cross-media ad exposure to vastly improve brand lift measurement accuracy, and identify the impact of individual ad creative by media channel.


Optimal Cross-Media Frequency

Ineffective Frequencies: Time for a Change?

BrandBeat provides an understanding of the total cross-channel frequency to understand when specific brand lift KPIs are no longer increasing with more ad frequency.

Certain brands are very established, or your brand may be in a very competitive set. You can leverage precise data on which channels are losing their effectiveness per channel, by creative length, and by platform.


Privacy Future-Proof

A brand measurement approach to meet upcoming privacy regulations

Our panelists sign-up with Beatgrid and install our ACR mobile meter app, to provide full consent to track exposures to all video ads by channel passively.

Our ‘privacy first’ and ‘transparency’ approach is the most sustainable and ensures you’ll meet current and upcoming privacy regulations.


Cookie-less measurement

Consumers exhibit increased privacy awareness, and technology providers deprecate cookies.

Cookie-based or IP-matching solutions are not reliable.

As the ‘cookie’ approach fades away and IP-matching-based solutions measure devices rather than individuals, you will only achieve imprecise results for the millions of ad spend invested in your campaigns.

How it works

We have built out a high-quality, large-scale cross-media research panel to reflect the generic population or a specific target audience, including Age, Gender, and Region. Consumers are invited to participate and opt into one of our two apps: Media Rewards or Jagger. Once in the app, they can voluntarily opt in for additional data tracking, such as location, to measure OOH ad exposure and retail visitations. The panel is balanced relative to census data to ensure accuracy and minimize bias. Only users that have supplied data across the entire campaign period can participate in a brand lift study for your campaign.

Our meter apps Media Rewards and Jagger, are equipped with proprietary Audio Content Recognition (ACR) technology. App users can provide access to the microphone to passively match ambient sound with an extensive audio signature of an ads database to determine offline and online ad exposures at the individual level across various channels, including TV, CTV, (BVOD+AVOD), and YouTube. Through ad encoding, the “new cookie,” we differentiate ads for an accurate attribution by channel or platform.

  • We sample panelists dynamically based on ad exposure within 72 hrs. – 7 days after ad exposure. We can configure conditions such as the recency of exposure, re-contact, and exposure overlap of channels or other campaigns. A pre-campaign and/or post-campaign sampling approach is optional.
  • The control (Non-exposed) survey groups are balanced against the Exposed based on demographics.
  • By having consistent sample sizes by week throughout the campaign period, we also mitigate for any seasonality or PR product but can still look at exposure by frequency.
  • We will only serve a survey to everyone that delivered metering data throughout the campaign.

Our team, with over 30 years of combined experience in mathematics and statistics, recently developed one of the industry’s most advanced brand lift analytics dashboards. It has been developed in close partnership with industry research experts from GroupM, Omnicom, and Google.

  • Real-time access. Real-time analytics access means you no longer wait for weeks after the campaign to see the results, which obviously limits optimization for the next campaign, let alone during the campaign. 
  • Benchmarks. In 2024, we will make brand lift benchmarks available. Based on 400+ cross-media campaigns, we’ll offer anonymized industry benchmarks to compare against BrandBeat Benchmarks by industry category.
  • Advanced Weighting. Weighting can be applied to balance a sample to reflect the total population better and can improve the accuracy of results. With advanced weighting logic based on rim weighting, we can weight the result on demographics, and (secondary) brand metrics such as ‘brand advocacy’. 
  • To increase precision further, our weighting engine enables the exposed sample to be weighed against the campaign reach distribution by demographics, from our R&FBeat cross-media campaign metrics. 

Real-time Analytics

Developed in close partnership with industry research experts from GroupM, Omnicom & Google.

Image of the Beatgrid cross media panel app audience measurement tools dashboard with the page about Footfall Attribution

Optimize Cross-Media Campaigns
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Image of the testimonial of Evros Agamemnonos, OMD UK-Insights Director, about Beatgrid single-source cross-platform measurement solution
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