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Case Study: Vevo & MINI

Image of the VEVO MINI Case Study, one of the global brand advertisers using Beatgrid's cross-media audience measurement solutions

Vevo reaches new audiences as it delivers incremental 18-34s at 2x the rate of TV and BVOD

Cross-media measurement was set up for deterministic R&F validation for TV, Vevo and YouTube.


Users Reached on Vevo vs 27M on TV/BVOD


Delivery to 18-34s vs 18% delivery on TV/BVOD


Frequency vs. frequency of 7x on TV/BVOD


18-34 Incrementality delievered
on Vevo

About the brands

Mini, the iconic two-door compact car brand, originally produced by the British Motor Corporation (BMC). It was acquired by the BMW Group in 1994 and has been owned by the German automotive company since. Mini’s franchise models, the Hatch/Hardtop, Clubman, Coupe, and Roadster are assembled at BMW’s Plant Oxford in Cowley, England. In contrast, the Convertible, Paceman, and other models are manufactured in different EU countries.

Vevo is a leading video hosting service (of US origin) owned by four large holdings, Alphabet (Google), Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, and Sony Music Entertainment. As one of the world’s leading music video networks, it connects global audiences to high-quality music video content. Vevo offers cross-channel and cross-platform services like smart TVs, digital video recorders, digital media players, and streaming television services.

Main objectives

Beatgrid’s cross-media audience measurement solution was set up for deterministic R&F validation for TV, Vevo, and YouTube. For the study, Vevo’s key target audience was 18-34 years. BMW, who advertises on Vevo, was keen also to understand Vevo’s effectiveness (as a channel) in reaching the 18-34 audience, therefore, a Mini Electric campaign was used for the campaign measurement.


Ad exposure results are based on Beatgrid’s mobile ACR measuring cross-media content exposure. How it works: The audio of the AV ads is turned into audio fingerprints. The Beatgrid panel community has the mobile ACR meter app installed on their phone, which converts ambient sound into ‘audio fingerprints. These audio fingerprints are matched with the ones from individual ad creatives. This enables accurate person-based cross-media, cross-platform campaign audience verification.

Panel approach

Beatgrid has a GDPR-compliant opt-in mobile panel in the UK, who are invited to Beatgrid’s proprietary Media Rewards app. 

For this campaign with Vevo and MINI:

  • R&F data was calculated based on our mobile panel between 18-69 years. 
  • Data weighting was applied based on national statistics data, to normalize Beatgrid data for national representativeness. 
  • Beatgrid then calculated the data based on our mobile panel between 18-69 years, allowing for accurate person-based cross-platform campaign audience verification. 
Chart of the share of incremental reach audience VEVO Case Study

Results and key takeaways

As music video content was increasingly viewed through the TV screen, Vevo understood the importance of accurately understanding the incremental audience Vevo delivers over TV, BVOD, and YouTube. 

Chart of the share of incremental reach audience VEVO Case Study
  • The campaign reached a total of 27M on TV and 4M on Vevo.
  • Vevo reached an incremental 1.65% of the population, almost 1M unique people who would not have seen the campaign on linear TV or any other BVOD entity.
  • Vevo delivered incremental 18-34s at 2x the rate of TV and BVOD.
  • The TV and BVOD portions had a frequency of 7.11x.
  • 55% (14.7M) of the TV campaign delivered to +45 audiences, and only 16% delivered to the highly sought-after 16-34s.

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