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Case Study: Sanofi

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Sanofi expands market share with an innovative end-to-end BVOD strategy

Breaking TV-buying silos with holistic programmatic broadcast video-on-demand (BVOD)


Target demographic was reached by BVOD​


Unique Households reached​


Total campaign reach achieved by BVOD exclusively (1.65M people)

Beatgrid partnered with Sanofi, The Trade Desk, Foundation, and Samba TV to measure BVOD optimal frequency.

As more Australians shift from linear TV to a range of connected devices, Sanofi (a global leader in healthcare) and its agency, Foundation, wanted to develop a new advertising strategy to better adapt to this consumer shift.

Analyzing Reach & Frequency to tackle Sanofi's cross-media challenges

The biggest challenge they faced was the current method of planning and trading TV and BVOD in platform silos. While they could plan reach within each platform, holistic post-campaign reach and frequency measurement remained a challenge.

Additionally, Sanofi wanted to grow and win market share in the allergy relief category. To do this, they needed to reach more people, more efficiently.

Seeing an opportunity, Foundation recommended that Sanofi run their new Telfast product campaigns on the leading programmatic BVOD ad buying platform, The Trade Desk. 

Sanofi measured optimal incremental R&F and proved BVOD effectiveness

To verify and measure the optimal incremental reach and frequency of the campaign, we offered to use our ACR-supported (automatic content recognition) cross-media measurement solution, which allowed us to track cross-platform audiences at scale. We ultimately helped prove that Telfast’s BVOD campaigns were reaching audiences who hadn’t been exposed to their ads via linear TV.

Through the post-campaign report, Sanofi and Foundation were thrilled to find that their BVOD campaign had reached 4.45 million people, with 1.65 million reached via BVOD exclusively – 9.99 % of the total campaign reach (10.16 million).

Moreover, the incremental reach of the audience exclusively from BVOD was 37.19 % for the target audience. BVOD also showed a more efficient frequency of 6.23X, compared to linear TV’s frequency of 18.74X. This demonstrated that with a consolidated TV buying strategy through our platform, Sanofi and Foundation could eliminate waste and improve the viewer experience.

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Growing market share and discovering valuable cross-media insights

Through our platform, the Foundation team was able to efficiently run an end-to-end BVOD campaign across premium BVOD inventory. During the campaign period, they reached 3.7 million unique households. The campaign successfully helped increase Telfast’s sales volume and grow its market share, propelling them to number one in the allergy relief category.

Our cross-media analysis led to a huge campaign success with great results, Sanofi and Foundation, which allowed them to discover useful insights. The results obtained through our brand measurement efforts allowed them to draw new fundamental viewpoints that will be key in both near-future campaign planning and investment decisions, i.e., which BVOD publisher had served the most impressions and which was most efficient in completed video views.

We were able to discover highly relevant audiences that could be used for future Sanofi and Foundation campaigns, including arts and craft, education and science, movies and TV, and young and hip lifestyles.

To conclude with the study, we can determine that these results and insights have encouraged Sanofi to run new BVOD campaigns for their other brands.

“We understand that our consumers are continually evolving in how they engage and use media. [...] This innovation in targeting and measurement across channels is borne through the collaboration between our Foundation team, The Trade Desk, and Beatgrid."

Michael Duffy

Head of Growth Hub Sanofi Consumer Health Care ANZ

“The partnership with Beatgrid demonstrated, in almost real time, which audiences were reached and on which devices. This collaboration with a key technology partner has produced fantastic campaign outcomes that have contributed to strong business results"

Ashley Wong

Head of Digital, Data and Innovation Foundation Australia

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