McDonalds Germany Case Study

5 minutes Home >> Insights >> Case Studies >> McDonald’s Germany Study Case Study: McDonald’s Germany The Ultimate Happy Meal: McDonald’s Germany’s Linear TV and Connected TV Advertising Mix Deterministic cross-media measurement uncovers that 31% of Connected TV-exclusive users were younger than 30. 125% Increasing In-App Registrations 2 vs 5 CTV vs. Total TV Frequency Comparison […]

Vevo and Mini Case Study

Image of the VEVO MINI, one of the global brands using Beatgrid's cross-media audience measurement solutions

5 minutes Home >> Insights >> Case Studies >> Vevo & MINI Case Study Case Study: Vevo & MINI Vevo reaches new audiences as it delivers incremental 18-34s at 2x the rate of TV and BVOD Cross-media measurement was set up for deterministic R&F validation for TV, Vevo and YouTube. 4M User Reached on Vevo vs […]

Sanofi Case Study

3 minutes Home >> Insights >> Case Studies >> Sanofi Case Study Case Study: Sanofi Sanofi expands market share with an innovative end-to-end BVOD strategy Breaking TV-buying silos with holistic programmatic broadcast video-on-demand (BVOD) 37% Target demographic was reached by BVOD​ 3.7M Unique Households reached​ 16% Total campaign reach achieved by BVOD exclusively (1.65M people) Beatgrid […]

Cinema First Case Study

3 minutes Home >> Insights >> Case Studies >> Cinema First Case Study Cinema First drives incremental reach with Connected TV Cinema First drives incremental reach with Connected TV Bringing crowds back to cinemas 100% Incremental reach with OTT Connected TV vs BVOD 87% Completition rate £0.03 Cost per completed view As cinemas began to reopen […]

Belong Case Study

2 minutes Home >> Insights >> Case Studies >> Belong Case Study Case Study: Belong Belong uses deterministic cross-media audience measurement ACR data to understand incremental reach of BVOD vs. linear TV Campaign Objectives Beatgrid partnered with OMD on measuring Belong’s cross-media campaigns. The objective was to measure if extended reach could be realized with the […]

Coles Case Study

3 minutes Home >> Insights >> Case Studies >> Coles Supermarkets Case Study Case Study: Coles Supermarkets Australian advertiser Coles set a new benchmark for effective media measurement Campaign’s Challenges In the complex world of media consumption, we face the challenge of accurately showing how and which media drives store visitations to retail. This project addressed head-on […]

Google Case Study

3 minutes Home >> Insights >> Case Studies >> Google Case Study Case Study: Google Pushing the boundaries of cross-channel passive campaign measurement With the application of Audio Content Recognition Technology (ACR Technology) and geo-location software, we can now passively track exposure at a respondent level across all AV and outdoor channels. For almost 5 years […]