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Unified Measurement of Cross-Channel Silos TV, CTV & Digital

The Ad Industry Demands a Unified Single Source Screens Measurement.

Image of a family impacted by the dynamic and changing TV and AV Consumer Evolution And Overcoming Cross-Media Measurement Challenges​

Navigating the Dynamic Media Landscape

In today’s rapidly evolving media environment, advertisers face the challenge of understanding consumer behavior across diverse screens, particularly amidst the changing dynamics of linear TV viewership.

Outdated Approaches: Siloed Tools and Generic Research

Traditional methods of aggregating data from various measurement systems prove ineffective, necessitating innovative methodologies that measure cross-media consumption for precise insights. Generic research, while insightful, lacks practical applicability in executing effective advertising campaigns.

Harmonizing Screens for Equitable Ad Frequency

Achieving an equitable ad frequency strategy is crucial to prevent oversaturation while enhancing audience engagement. The emergence of new channels, such as Video on Demand (VOD) platforms, adds complexity to advertisers’ strategies.

Data-Driven Optimization: Identifying Impactful Channels

Addressing challenges involves harnessing data-driven insights to optimize resource allocation across emerging channels while maintaining brand consistency. The goal is to identify channels that deliver impactful reach and effectiveness comparable to traditional TV.

Marketers' Quest for Precision

Marketers express an insatiable appetite for data points to evaluate campaign effectiveness. Single-source cross-media data-driven strategies provide a layer of precision, empowering advertisers with knowledge for discerning decision-making.

Beatgrid's Transformative Technology

Beatgrid’s technology, adopted by major advertisers globally, offers a privacy-first, comprehensive measurement solution. It employs a single-source passive mobile-based panel with Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) technology, proving its effectiveness in measuring various audiences.

Resurgence of Panel-Based Measurement

As the industry moves away from cookies, panel-based measurement experiences a resurgence. Beatgrid’s technology addresses the challenge of measuring frequency across channels, providing real-time insights into ad impact, as demonstrated in a recent trial with Kmart, one of the largest food retailers in Australia.

Efficiency in Action: Kmart's Budget Optimization

Efficiency becomes a driving force for brands like Kmart, emphasizing the need to demonstrate efficacy in media investments. Beatgrid’s trial with Kmart showcases the importance of consolidating measurement solutions to optimize budgets.

Beatgrid as an Independent, Holistic Solution

While other media measurement platforms operate within silos, Beatgrid stands out as an independent, holistic solution that can integrate various data sources. The call for consolidated solutions becomes crucial as the market rejects fragmented measurement approaches.

Data-Centric Strategies in the Evolving Advertising Realm

In a rapidly evolving advertising realm, data-centric strategies, exemplified by Beatgrid, serve as guiding beacons. Advertisers navigate crossroads, recognizing the imperative for unified, holistic cross-media measurement solutions to thrive amidst changing media consumption patterns.

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By Ian Alastair Hobkirk

Digital Marketing Manager

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