Measure cross-Media advertising

• Identify TV, CTV, YouTube, Netflix and OOH Incremental Reach.

• Spot Cross-Channel Audience Deduplication with a Mobile ACR Panel.

• Track Brand Lift Metrics: Awareness, Consideration, Cut-Through, Favorability and Purchase Intent.

Cross-media user, TV, YouTube, BVOD, CTV advertising measurement software

Spot Ad Impressions & Duplicated Audiences

Measure TV & CTV Ads

  • Track unduplicated, incremental R&F by campaign and channel.
  • Understand the impact of your ad creative on brand lift.
  • Analyze campaign in-flight for performance across creative, media channels, and dayparts.
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Eliminate ad waste and navigate the fragmented media landscape with an agnostic cross-platform audience measurement solution.

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ACR Passive Mobile Panel

  • Measure cross-platform advertising with a passive ACR mobile panel from a single source.​


  • Validate census-level information with the same person-level deterministic solution used by industry leaders like Google, TTD, and Omnicom.

Tackle any Ad measurement challenge

R&F Beat

Cross-Media R&F
Incrementality Measurement

Brand Beat

Brand Lift Measurement

Footfall Beat

Retail Attribution Measurement

Closed-loop attribution
in every step of the funnel

Image of Beatgrid's top of the funnel solution TOFU, includes Reach and Frequency, as well as Ad Attribution and Creative Cut-through
Image of Beatgrid's middle of the funnel solution MOFU, includes cross-media awareness, cross-media consideration, cross-media favorability, and cross-media purchase Intent
Image of Beatgrid's bottom of the funnel solution BOFU, tracks cross-media retail footfall attribution by spotting in-store behavior
Image of Beatgrid's single-source full-funnel solution tackles cross-media reach & frequency, brand lift, and retail footfall attribution

+400 campaigns validating our solutions

R&F Incrementality, Brand Lift, Footfall and OOH measured in the US, the UK, AU, IN, and DE.

Image of Google, one of the global brands using Beatgrid's cross-media audience measurement solutions


Creating a single-source panel that provided mid-campaign reads and evaluates the halo impact of cross-campaign exposure in the UK.

Image of Sanofi, one of the global brands using Beatgrid's cross-media audience measurement solutions


Running an end-to-end BVOD campaign, and ultimately discovering highly relevant audiences that could be used for future campaigns.

Image of the VEVO MINI, one of the global brands using Beatgrid's cross-media audience measurement solutions

Coles Supermarkets

Setting up for deterministic cross-media R&F validation for TV, Vevo, and YouTube. For the study, Vevo’s key target audience was 18-34 years. 

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