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Solutions for
Market Research Agencies

Benchmark cross-media footfall lift by product stream vs competitors for category HALO.

Challenges for Market Research Companies

Accurate cross-media audience reach

With cross-channel advertising, the ability to reach the desired target audience has become a major complication.

Gaps in measurement

Very few industry players are giving companies the real-time single-source solutions they need, to track their cross-screen advertising campaigns.

Fragmented cross-media landscape

Reduce the struggle of accurately reaching the cross-media target audience of your clients’ campaign.

TV & CTV data

Accurately launching TV and CTV (BVOD & AVOD) campaigns won’t be a threat to your audience measurement efforts.

Tailor-made Solution

Brand Beat

Photo of a couple watching TV and being exposed to cross-media ACR technology

Cross-Media Brand Lift Measurement

Challenged by full-funnel cross-media attribution?​

Let's work together!​

Success Stories


Creating a single-source panel that provided mid-campaign reads and evaluates the halo impact of cross-campaign exposure in the UK.


Measuring BVOD and linear TV incremental reach and validating the various buying cross-channel tactics in the different regions of Australia.

Cinema First

Designing a digital strategy to drive higher video engagement in premium content environments, and proving the incremental reach of CTV.

An award-winning solution

Recognized as a cross-media measurement industry-leader.

Photo of Media Research Group award for the Best Research Innovation 2021
Image of i-com Data Creativity Awards 2019
Image of MFA Best Use of Data & Analytics 2019
Image of Esomar Effectiveness Award
Image of MRS Awards 2021 Finalist
Image of Future TV Advertising Forum 2018 Awards Finalist
Image of IIC USA 016 awards Finalist